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Shenzhen Btf-Lighting Technology Co., Limited
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주요 제품:LED 스트립/FCOB LED 스트립/LED 픽셀 문자열/LED 컨트롤러/LED 패널
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Shenzhen BTF-Lighting Technology CO., Limited, located in Shenzhen, which is a profession LED Manufacturer with 9 years production experience. Our mission is committed to providing our customers with high quality lighting products and excellent service.


We are the factory and manufacturer,mainly engaged in designing and selling the Flexible Led Pixel Strip, FCOB Led Strip,Led Pixel String, Led Controller, Led Chip, Led Connector and so on. Our products had adopted UL,CE, ROHS, FCC Authorities. Absolutely high quality products, this is how we keep superior quality and competitive offers for global valued customers.


After 9 years fighting, we have 4000 square meters of R & D and production base. Our R&D department provide the strong technical support and enable us to receive OEM, ODM project.


Looking forward to our cooperation.

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